Networking in 2020/21 While Social Distancing

We launched the California/Nevada District Exchange Mixers this past year, it has been successful in attracting different people each month and introducing them to Exchange. We are now looking to boost our participation at our Mixers. We plan to add activities intending to create interest, including leading edge topics which educate and benefit our communities.

This hour-long Zoom Forum would possibly show informative video clips, open opportunities to discuss, as well as bring in speakers, all under the banner of ‘Protecting Yourself’ during this
calendar year.

Here are some of the possible ‘Protecting Yourself’ Monthly Topics in no particular order.

  1. ‘The Great Hack’ (Netflix) documentary discussion
  2. ‘The Social Dilemma’ (Netflix) documentary discussion
  3. ‘The Game Changers’ (Netflix) documentary discussion
  4. Pandemic Protection – Vaccine, Hospital overload, trucks, morgue overflow, waiver of cremation limits, etc.
  5. Banker and Realtor – Financial Scams Popular These Days
  6. Doctor or Medical Office Administrative – Misdiagnosis…when to seek a second opinion.  Signs of concern. Protect your wallet with money-saving alternatives (e.g., Radio Frequency versus plastic surgeon).
  7. Estate Planning Attorney and Fiduciary – Protect against taxes, unexpected costs being ill-prepared, etc.
  8. CPA and Financial Advisor – Protect Assets for life from taxes, excessive costs, inflation, exspouse, family members, etc.
  9. Consumer Protection – BAR (auto repair), Bar Association (Attorneys), in lieu of complaining at a bar, take action.
  10. Home Computer – Protect against viruses et al
  11. Holiday Depression – mental health, increasing good habits and reducing bad ones.

In generating more involvement with our Membership base, we would also like to add a 10-minute feature where one of our members would tour us to a collection, he or she owns whether it be Packard cars, collectibles for a favorite team, figurines, dishware, garden, etc. It allows us to learn more about our fellow Exchange Club members, deepen our relationships, and increase participation. Please let me know if you would like to help me with coordination, as I can use all the help I can get.

With my ‘Arnold Palmer’ drink, Cheers to you and your family for a happy 2021 and hope to see you at our Mixer-themed events!

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