District Newsletter For Summer 2019

2019 Summer District Newsletter PDF

Happy 4th of July to you and your family!

I want to begin by thanking those of you who made the effort to participate in our District Convention. It truly reflected your nature of giving by being here and helping to continue to build our District.

We began the last fiscal year with more members than the Lincolnland District (871) and Yellowstone District (858) at 892, but we are currently at 839 compared to 839 for Lincolnland and 843 for Yellowstone. The good news is that our 88.1% retention is above the national retention rate of 81.5%. Focusing on the growth side, Puerto Rico is hitting it out of the ballpark with 18.6% and Mississippi is getting on base with 6.1%. We are hurting at -5.9%. Most people recognize that our membership is aging and we are unfortunately faced with natural attrition. As we all escalate in age, is there anything we can do about this?

At our recent District Convention, we had a second-generation Exchangite, future National President-Elect Kathy Mize, speak to us on how she is building new clubs and successfully growing them in her District of Florida. She provided us the secret of creating value for their clubs. In order to bring in young people, we recognize they do not have much time to participate in activities outside of work because they are so busy.

Many of you already see this through relatives, friends, acquaintances, or even yourself, as this could be the reason we missed you at the District Convention. Florida built clubs that encouraged networking, which many members were seeking. In bringing value to these clubs, they were able to build a strong foundation of membership. Budgets are also limited with many younger people. Taking this into consideration, they incorporate lesser cost membership and events into their clubs. These are great potential ideas to bring forward to your groups. It is never too late to refresh a club by bringing in new people to help with our overall Exchange mission.

As we all know people around us, I challenge each one of you to bring in at least one new person to visit our clubs. If you truly believe we have something worthwhile to share, it should be easy.

This could be the greatest gift you give to them. Although not everyone will return, I guarantee you that those that do will make this effort worthwhile.

I never heard about the Exchange Club until one of the folks in my Square Dance group invited me. It was that simple, merely someone asked me, like they did with you.

I was asked to take on this role as President and I replied I did not have much time as I am working long hours at work, have kids, and many other responsibilities serving on Boards and positions in other organizations. Given the privilege to give back to our communities, I considered this opportunity truly a great honor and decided to jump on-board. I hope you will make the time and priority this year to join me on a ride of a lifetime.

Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to serve this 2019-2020 Fiscal Year of the CA/NV District Exchange Club!

Serving you as your District President

Johnny Tai

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