District Newsletter for Winter 2020

2020 Winter District Newsletter PDF

Ifeel truly blessed to continue to help lead our District with the help of National, our District Team, and Club Leaders. At our recent Regional Conference, it was wonderful to have fellow Exchange Club members share with me the great work they provide to their communities.

I only have a few more months left to see what I can do to make a positive impact. One of the strengths I carry with me is connecting those needing solutions to resources and bridging connections.

We have the opportunity to possibly see growth in our Clubs, if we truly want it, despite challenges we all face. I’ve been fortunate with our leadership team and its tools, resources, and overall support to help us move forward. With your help, I look forward to implementing our strategies together.

Moving forward, we will be working with underserved Clubs (those not meeting Minimum Standard per National) and work with our local Club leaders to build growth teams.

I am confident the tools that National has provided will be a great resource for all of us to utilize. Our District President-Elect Shirley Lashmett will be involved in this planning and will carry this growth mission forward beyond my time. As we progress forward, we can all grow together in serving our mission and our communities.

God Bless!

Johnny Tai

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