District Newsletter For Fall 2019

2019 Fall District Newsletter PDF

After recently returning from the Leadership Conference in Detroit, the theme of growing our Clubs was prevalent. During our last annual District meeting, our National President-Elect Kathy Mize visited us and shared the successes she had in Club-building. Kathy utilized the strategy of holding business networking events to attract more people. Not only is Kathy building her Clubs quickly, she has found a channel to connect to the younger generation.

In carrying forward this message to all of our Clubs in the CA/NV District, we would like to open up the channels of communications by utilizing more of the technology tools available beyond newsletters. Pending District Board Approval, we would have the possible ability to deepen our connections to each Club in our District by more frequent communications between National, District, and the Club levels. We are looking forward to carrying this out to support the growth of our Clubs. Stay tuned!

Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to serve as your District President this 2019-2020 Fiscal Year for the CA/NV District Exchange Clubs! In your service, Johnny Tai

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