Climb Every Mountain

Mountaineers understand that getting to a mountain is often as difficult as climbing the mountain itself. The journey before climbing may be long and arduous, but it is part of the challenge of the adventure. Then often, just when our goal comes into view, there is a deep valley to cross before we even begin our climb.

2020 was a tough year for all of us. Many suffered personally with ill health and financial stress. Our communities suffered failed businesses, overwhelmed healthcare systems, and many of us
lost dear family members and friends among the thousands who perished.

The good news is that it appears the worst is behind us now and soon we will be climbing again.

True, our world will look a little different then, but we also have learned many lessons along the
way to make our future better.

Let us look at last year as that long arduous approach trip to the mountain before us. Soon we
will begin climbing out of this valley and heading up the slopes of the mountain of success before
us. Our next mountain to climb is membership, and it is not a small one,

I ask each of you personally to reach out to a friend, a business associate,
a former member, and yes, a complete stranger. We love Exchange; just
take 1 minute and tell someone why. Then invite them to a meeting – in
person if possible, or virtually.

If you saw the “Sound of Music”, you’ll remember the Mother Abbess’s
advice to Maria; “ Climb every mountain, search high and low, follow every
byway, every path you know.

Climb every mountain, Ford every stream, follow every rainbow,
‘Till you find your dream”

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